13 Dead Indigenous Children – Washing Hands of Blame by Pointing the Finger

In February 2019 the Western Australian Coroner released her findings into the deaths of 13 Indigenous children in the Kimberley. The report concluded that 12 of the deaths were suicides, with some of the children as young as 10.

The Coroner blamed this Cluster of Kimberley child suicides on ‘tragic inter-generational trauma’. Meanwhile children are still dying, yet the wider reaction from the numerous ‘responsible entities’ was open defiance as they completely denied accountability. This is scandalous although it helps explain the atrocious historical track record of inaction. How is this acceptable?

We witnessed a number of contemptible interviews following the Coroner’s report; the responsible Ministers, Indigenous politicians, bureaucrats and Indigenous leaders representing the countless government-funded Agencies, Aboriginal Councils and Departments. Not one stated ‘what they should have done’, ‘what they will do’ or ‘what they can do to help’; rather they point the finger of blame elsewhere and accepted no responsibility for their inaction; detestable behaviour!

Don’t get me wrong they were empathetic, just not responsible, so what do these professional ‘desk riders’ do for their generous taxpayer-funded remuneration?

If Government funds over $30 billion a year to Indigenous Australia, shouldn’t the entities and agencies accepting the funding be responsive for the devastating outcomes we are witnessing in Indigenous communities.

Are we effectively condoning the ‘washing of bloody hands’ by accepting their denials of accountability?

If these taxpayer-funded institutions are not performing, why do they continue to be financed? If they are not capable of doing their jobs; the basics i.e. protect innocent children, then who can? The answer it seems is ‘no one’. Apparently not a single person and $30 billion could save these 13 vulnerable Indigenous children, those with the most desperate rudimentary needs for living!

I’m not sure if it’s a remote tribal problem, between those who control the money in the cities versus those with needs in isolated communities, but what is certain is that very little of the $30 billion a year is being spent where it is needed most, on the front line in Indigenous communities.

In fact, if you look at the conditions on the ground, it leaves you wondering where the money is being spent and whose pockets are being lined? We’ll never know while accounting firms are reluctant to reveal the truth in their audit reports, dare they be labelled racists and face being black banned by the lucrative ‘Indigenous industry’.

If the only reaction from the entities with the power and money to effect real change is to point the finger of blame elsewhere, then something significant needs to change (a complete overhaul) if we are to help Indigenous communities in desperate need.

The sad reality is that the message to the children of the Kimberley is the same, nothing has changed, nothing will change, you’re on your own, and help is not coming!

Meanwhile, after 11 years of the failed Closing the Gap strategy, we still think that continuing to throw more money at the problem will resolve the deeply ingrained duplicitous laundering of taxpayer money that never reaches the remote communities where it is intended and acutely needed.

This deceptive behaviour, in the hands of those who control funding is vaguely fraudulent, where mismanagement (at a minimum) deprives those in need of the intended benefits. Those in control of taxpayer monies are prospering at the expense of those in desperate need, innocent dead children; children whose final act at age 10 acknowledges their desperation, the realisation that they will never have hope for a meaningful future because the promised help and support is not coming.

It’s clear that Indigenous symbolism takes priority, e.g. mourning Invasion Day, the populous protest that is apparently more important than any issue that requires tangible action, like saving the lives of Indigenous children. Who mourns for these kids in the wider national community?

Culpability lies at the feet of all those who take the cash in the name of advocating for Indigenous Australians, those getting fat, by deliver nothing short of banal noise, insincere rhetoric and disastrous outcomes that contribute to the despair and deaths of the most vulnerable and innocent!

A complete re-examination of the immorality of our actions is required if we are to improve the basic Human Condition for Indigenous Australia, or at least those People in the wider Indigenous communities who don’t control or influence the allocation of funding.

Imagine the scandal if there were 13 child suicides in an Australian offshore detention centre, the atrocity would potentially bring down the Australian Federal Government, accompanied by a choir of global condemnation from all quarters. Every citizen would feel the national shame of such a horrendous scenario.

But when it actually happens in an Indigenous community in Australia, the silence is deafening. Why are humanitarians invisible on this, why are Indigenous activists so quiet, why is the wider community unsympathetically blind? There should be indignation and outrage, contrite, guilt, shame, pain, anger, sorrow… but nothing ….not a drop of cold sympathy and you know why!

15 February 2019


U.S.A. Today

Sunday morning, slept in and didn’t dribble on my pillow, good start! Time for coffee and see what’s happening in the world.

Still half asleep, hit the radio, it’s politics and ‘midterm elections’ deflowering the morning air. By the first bathroom break and coffee number two, midterm coverage had consumed about 95% of my time. Does the media not realise that the majority of people with the actual power to exercise their democratic right, don’t care. Only approx. 40% of eligible voters turnout for midterm elections. Time to change the channel!

Hello, good news, unemployment at its lowest level in 50 years. Surely, this must be fabulous news for all Americans, but somehow an opinionated detractor has managed to deflect the noise so it’s about discrimination and gender issues. Apparently we should be setting aspirational targets (100%) and not outcomes we could realistically achieve. Maybe it’s about the difference between theorists and the ‘practical application’ that is used by those who actually work. Time to change the channel!

A story about a warning from the U.N. Population Fund and the famine conditions in Yemen. They predict that some 2 million Yemeni mothers face starvation. Why the gender breakdown when the U.N. has already warned that 13 million Yemeni civilians face starvation in what it says could become “the worst famine in the world in 100 years”. Why sanitise the truth for your target audiences. Time to change the channel!

Here we go again, a story about the right to bear arms and the relevance of a Constitution that was drafted in 1787, back when the arms borne were muskets and not semi-automatic rifles. There is something like 12,000 firearm homicides in the U.S. each year and about 22,000 suicides. But today’s horrible news tops all that! The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency reports that ‘drug overdoses’ killed 72,000 Americans in 2017 and it wasn’t even a headline story. Time to change the channel!

A story about ‘Punishing Iran’ and how U.S. led sanctions are about stopping oil exports from Iran, the source of 80% of the country’s revenue. The story leaves me wondering who will benefit from the sanctions, given that neighbouring Saudi Arabia is the world’s number one oil exporter and the country with the largest oil reserves, the same country who denies murdering a U.S. citizen in their Embassy in Turkey. Will Iran resemble Yemen in a couple of years if this administration has its way? Time to change the channel again!

Now a legal story about whether Harvard admissions are unfairly discriminating against Asian Americans. The story states that Harvard is stereotyping Asian Americans, accusing the institution of racial balancing when it’s illegal to use quotas in college admissions. Meanwhile, the data shows that Asian Americans make up 22% of admitted students at Harvard compared to 6% of the U.S. population. I wondered how Native Americans feel about this apparent discrimination, the real ‘forgotten minority’ in higher education. Changing the channel!

Good Lord a story about how busy all our lives are now and what are we to do? Come on, seriously, compared to who? For a starter, google how to improve your ‘time management’ skills.  Don’t sit around while you’re whinging, learn how to multitask and double your productivity by ‘whinging while you work’ to gain ‘favour’ with your colleagues. Maybe whinge instead of eating so much and improve the robustness of my energy levels and save the environment by displacing less bath water. Organise yourself better, do what you say you’re going to do and get off social media, yep social media! You’re not busy, just disorganised; get over yourself!

That’s it no more, too much bullshit for me, radio off and back to bed. Maybe I need to sign up to twitter or facebook so I can have a fanciful virtual life, one that is too busy and unfulfilling enough to complain about!

4 November 2018

“We cannot make good news out of bad practice” – Edward R. Murrow

The United Nations & Mad Cow Contagion

The United Nations (U.N.) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have delivered (independent?) research with alarming recommendations. Apparently objective academics sold their U.N. masters the outcome they wanted to hear. This is common practice where institutional executives pay academics to legitimise their policies, while constraining the ‘terms of reference’ to compromise the findings.

In summary, the research (reasonably) recommends the phasing out of coal by 2050 (assuming there is no potential scientific advancement in clean coal technology over the next 30 years). But the report vacillates from these sorts of credible recommendations to non compos mentis with crazy meat-eating climate change warnings and lunatic recommendations to move away from meat.

How can these bureaucratic diplomats and their academic lap-dog theorists be taken seriously…or are they just having a lend of us? Perhaps the eccentric intelligentsia are too isolated in Geneva and out of touch with the realities of the practical world? Why is the press not questioning the legitimacy of these claims and the basis on which they’re made, because the problem is coal, not cows!

This idiocy leads to a loss of institutional credibility and public confidence and as a result, the message gets diverted and the serious warnings about coal get lost in the noise. Meanwhile, the conversation continues about eliminating anything that farts.

It’s a bit hard to just blame the poor old cows after taking a closer look at the Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the statistical correlation between the big CO2 emitting countries and the number of coal power stations they have, not to mention the number of stations planned or under construction; plants with a working life well in excess of 40/50 years.

The top three countries making the largest contributions to world CO2 emissions are China 30%, USA 15% & India 7%. The top three countries by number of coal power stations are China 119, USA 20 & India 15.

It seems that the cows are the patsies, taking the rap for the countries like China who knowingly set misleading emission targets, in the full knowledge that they will never meet their future commitments, but apparently the U.N. doesn’t want to know about that!

What chance do minority groups have without representation when their existence is challenged by the might of the United Nations? Who will defend the genocidal motives of the U.N. against the innocent, those without a voice, the udderly defenceless, … our bovine brethren,…the humble cow?

With the global population doubling every 30 years, the U.N.’s outlook for 2050 will be grim if we let the ‘theorists’ have their way. We could be looking at a world where constant intermittent power supplies are a reality, (similar to that of the impoverished U.S. territory of Puerto Rico) living in a hungry world governed by oppressive anaemic overlords.

In truth, history tells us what cold & famished humans do to each other in order to survive. The music will stop, meanwhile these vandals at the U.N. are rewarded with a ‘job for life’ for attempting to stall the world economies…

At least cows know bullshit when they see it!

15 October 2018.

“Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.” – Robert A. Heinlein

The Sydney Opera House – Sacred Site???

Last week we witnessed ‘people power’ in action as thousands of heavily subsidised arts-loving theatre & opera patrons protested against the misuse of our ‘national icon’ – The Sydney Opera House.

What resulted was days of national backlash as we witnessed first-hand how the elite, socially-minded and affluent mobilised to demonstrate their outrage against what was obviously an obscene first world problem.

Meanwhile in neighbouring Indonesia over 2000 people lost their lives in a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, with over 5000 people still missing. It’s nice to know what’s trending as ‘important’ to the ‘outraged hipsters’ who are completely ignorant of their vulgar, morally-vacant, conceited, self-indulgent view of injustice.

What I can’t understand is why ‘they’ have not objected in the past, when the Sydney Opera House has been (mis)used for other than the ‘intended purpose’; particularly when it involves offensive ‘commercial gains’ which is the source of the current public consternation.

For example, does a rock concert really meet the intended purpose of an Opera House? Why was it commercially acceptable in 2017 for an English Boogie Rock Band who promoted Coles Supermarket’s ‘prices are down‘ (see video 1:42), while playing at the Sydney Opera House, but it’s not acceptable to promote an Australian sporting event like the Everest Race;…yet it was ok to support Wallabies Rugby.

Why the flip-flop double standard?

Was this not the same offensive misuse of the Opera House for inappropriate commercial purposes? In the space of 12 months the 50-year-old Sydney Opera House has become the Caucasian version of a ‘sacred site’, protected by the street protestors, objecting to the “commodification of their beloved building”.

The Sydney Opera House has apparently become the ancestral Everest for the royally sanctimonious aristocracy in white Australia. It is lovely seeing the ‘privileged‘ following the herd, as they find a worthy ‘plum’ cause to vent their incensed outrage, all from the comfort of their city foreshore residence. It’s so convenient for them, particularly when they don’t need to lift a finger,…short of signing a virtual online petition to protest against, of all things…the Sport of Kings.

14 October 2018

“An arrogant rich and a humble poor both need help! The former needs help to be human; the latter needs help to live humanely!” 
– Mehmet Murat ildan

The Global Ramifications of the Complacent Citizens of the USA

We Australians understand that voting in a Presidential election in the USA is not compulsory, but surely the complacent citizens who couldn’t be bothered participating in the election can’t be satisfied with the outcome.

Why is it that the USA is prepared to go to war at the drop of a hat to defend ‘democracy’ yet its citizens can’t be bothered participating in the democratic process themselves?

A large percentage of the voting population in the USA may not care about the political outcomes in their country but their non-participation in Presidential elections is a dangerous niggardly act, considering the ramifications for the rest of the world.

It could be that a  ‘very very large brain’ is a symptom of encephalitis. Whatever the case, we all have to deal with the precarious consequences of US citizens’ electoral complacency.

27 September 2018

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

If the ACCC doesn’t Protect Consumers then what do they do?

One of the notable takeaways from the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry is the appalling failure of the many government agencies responsible for enforcing the law. Indeed, they have demonstrated a complete inability to execute their duty. They have been found fundamentally ‘ineffective’ due to their inaction. Some would say that their behaviour is akin to fraud, where you accept taxpayer money under the pretence of providing a service, which is then not delivered. Yet unbelievably no one seems to be held accountable!

We have seen the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) continually provide excuses for the big corporations on issues like fuel prices and energy costs, but with no apparent decisive action resulting in any positive impact for consumers, with the ACCC continually telling us ‘there is nothing to see here’.

Of particular interest to me is what’s happening with the cost of electricity in Australia. In recent times electricity prices have increased by 20-30% pa while at the same time, energy companies enjoy an increase in profits of 20-30%.

Now most of us have a basic understanding of ‘costs to income ratios’ as a concept for business to measure operating profit margins. So it’s reasonable to assume that these increased profits may be the result of revenue growing by 20-30% above costs. If so, could that not be construed as ‘price gouging’ by the ACCC?

Everyone is so busy looking at the right hand, that no one is looking at the left. The whole ‘sleight of hand’ debate on electricity costs is focused on base load power, clean coal energy, renewables, Snowy 2, solar energy etc. etc., which have been very convenient distractions, allowing energy companies to use the deflection to quietly gouge excessive profits on the pretext of higher costs due to supply constraints.

Are energy companies getting away with profiteering at the expense of consumers, courtesy of complacent regulators like the ACCC? The political indecisiveness has created a perception that electricity prices must increase and the energy companies are obliging by meeting the perceived expectations of higher costs!

Once again the ACCC is asleep at the wheel. What does this agency actually do?

27 September 2018

“There are costs and risks to a program of action, but they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” – John F. Kennedy

Achieving a ‘State of Happiness’ a Life Choice

It’s with a degree of wonderment that I find myself continually retelling unhappy people that they only have one life, so make the most of it!

But why do we need to be reminded? Is it a failure to accept that we don’t get another chance to ‘do it right’, as clearly there is no ‘next time’! Change is required now if you’re not happy with yourself and ultimately there is only one person who can do something about it; it’s your choice!

Most of us have the ability to make choices to ‘change’, to take measures that influence positive outcomes, acknowledging that it may involve a degree of risk. It’s a personal decision. So is the ‘risk’ the barrier to change or the excuse for inaction when it comes to our happiness? Don’t capitulate, have a crack!

The realisation of this fact at an early age offers young individuals a decisive advantage, ‘time’ and an understanding of ‘purpose and destiny’. Plan for the personal ‘contentment outcomes’ you desire and it will make ‘living with yourself’ a lot healthier and happier.

Too many people spend an inordinate amount of time concerned about what insignificant others say, when in reality it matters for absolutely nothing. Don’t do it, don’t engage, it’s a futile distraction. What really matters is what you think about yourself, be focused from within, test your personal honesty because in the final analysis, happiness within is derived from how well you treat others in the jungle that represents your world.

Happiness is a reaction to knowing that you have taken full advantage of the limited opportunities that present themselves, that you have done your best given the constraints of your environment, while continuing to strive for personal betterment for yourself and those who exist in your sphere of influence.

In my time I have dealt with people from all walks of life, rich and poor, young and old, Jews and gentiles, educated and illiterate, black and white, disadvantaged, ‘working class’ and privileged, from the very shady to the disarmingly honest, but there was no obvious trend when it came to happiness.

Those ‘with’ are more often than not miserable, desperate to preserve and protect their gains, while those ‘without’ are fighting for a greater or fairer share of that pie, often based on unfounded, irrational or selective benchmarks, whether earned or demanded. At the end of the day I gained no measurable insight based on background, as to why one may be happier than another.

Irrespective of the politics of whether social injustice is a consequence of ‘a lack of opportunity for the disenfranchised’; I found that overall happiness compared to those with ‘inherited inter-generational entitlement’ or ‘earned privileged positions’ matters not. My observation was that irrespective of the social demography, across the board, most seemed to fade away relatively unhappy and dissatisfied with their legacy.

In fact the affluent under-achievers were the most inconsequential, the message being pursue what you like, not dislike. Ultimately happiness remains a matter of individual choice. Invest, because the life-long return will compound over time and will be repaid in spades to you, your family and friends.

The truth is that personal happiness is a conscious choice made in every moment, exempt from external influence. It’s an attitude cultivated from within, it’s a decision that is completely up to you and it’s contagious if you choose to participate.

What I know is that we ‘get back what we give’. If you are a miserable, insignificant, faceless internet troll trading in loathing, anger and aggravation, then there is little doubt that you will ever achieve a base level of personal contentment. So why engage with these angry, weak bullies who facilitate grief and outrage. If you want to be influenced by external factors, why choose these faceless cowards who hide in this medium? Why engage at all?

The fact is that ‘happiness’ is the reward for those individuals who emulate and transmit a positive, decent, honest and humane aura, those who do not need to engage with pathetic predators who stalk the media and social networks trading in misery, vitriol and hatred.

If the meaning of life pertains to the ‘significance of living’ or ‘existence in general’ then clearly it is not about colour, creed or race, health, wealth, class or personal status. Simply being a nice person can disseminate happiness around you and that seems like a reasonable way to enrich the quality of your living, irrespective of your circumstances, and that can add real positive meaning and purpose to all the lives you influence.

8 August 2018

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. Dalai Lama XIV