How do you Sleep? – Dreamtime & Nightmares

Do you know what it’s like to be able to sleep?

Do you know that feeling when you’re starting to wake?

Waking up: the slow cerebral dawning prior to the first diminutive burst of morning ‘sun-life’ that arouses your inner existence. The moment when you prolong your mental state by unknowingly resisting the awakening. The sensation of subsiding subconscious consciousness, arousing the bodily respite of quiescent nerves and latent muscles and that instance of realisation: if you don’t move you retain harmony and inner warmth.

It is the tranquil moment of euphoric contentment that transcends pure happiness. The hallucinogenic womb-like twilight zone, accompanied by an inexplicable, inaudible, nurturing, maternal heartbeat. The moment of unmistakable comfort, a dimension of relaxation that exists somewhere between life and death, only interrupted by recurring silent whispers, repeatedly chanting the reality of life; ‘it’s time…, it’s time…’ We are held hostage by our bladder: open your eyes; ‘it’s time to start a new day’. Wow, how lucky are we who are able to sleep without fear of sexual abuse?!

The next matter of business is a strong coffee and to see what’s happening in the world. Contrary to what the media would have us believe, we actually live in a much better world than that of my youth. Once upon a time, I’d start the day fearful of bullies. Now the target is on their backs; the tide is turning. Generally, bigots, sexists and racists are being forced out while the LGBT community and some minorities are starting to be included. The feeling is that ‘times up’ for paedophiles, misogynists, rapists, abusers. Now the disenfranchised have a better chance to participate and contribute in a meaningful way in our society. What extraordinary progress! Well except for those children who are ‘sentenced’ to a life of continual sexual abuse!

It remains unforgivable that Australian’s are still incapable of protecting their children. 

Here are the morning’s media headlines:

NT police investigate alleged sexual assault of four-year-old boy near Tennant Creek—Incident allegedly took place in remote community near Tennant Creek, where two-year-old was allegedly raped last month

Boy, 4, allegedly raped in NT remote community

Police investigating alleged rape of a four-year-old boy in Aboriginal community near Tennant Creek

NT Police investigating alleged sexual assault of child in remote community

To compound the fate of victimised children in Australia, a debate is raging as to why government child protection authorities are not prepared to remove abused children from harm’s way. Apparently their reluctance to act is based on ‘victim profiling’, predominantly discriminating against Indigenous children. (See Indigenous child protection regime ‘apartheid’).

So why is it that in the 21st century, Australia supports race-based child protection practices?

The answer apparently is for ‘cultural’ reasons.

How could any government honestly believe that they are recognising cultural sensitivities by leaving the victims of child sex abuse to fend for themselves in their communities? Does the government believe that abusing children is ‘culturally’ acceptable in Indigenous society? The incompetence of government is culpable; the literal madness of the Australian bureaucracy could justify murder if they decide headhunting was once ‘cultural’! Meanwhile, Indigenous children continue to endure insufferable torture, because they apparently don’t qualify for protection.

This is a case of government hiding behind their own idea of ‘Indigenous culture’ and, as a consequence, they simply end up sheltering predators from prosecution. Is this just an excuse for politicians to turn a blind eye to the rape and abuse of Indigenous children as young as 2 years old? You bastards! Justifying perceived ‘procedural correctness’ ahead of dealing with people’s lives and in some instances, their death.

These kids will never experience a relaxing and safe night’s sleep, the security and comfort of a cosy bed, the warmth of true affection and well-being, the happiness of contentment and love, the journey of a sweet dream, the joy of waking to happy days, because they will spend the rest of their lives too petrified to sleep. Well, how lucky are we who sleep safe and sound tonight!

How reprehensible does Australia’s behaviour have to be before individuals speak up? Politicians do not have the character or conviction to change their policies, so these atrocities will continue, unless you can help shame them into action. The ‘global silence’ is deafening; you can’t all be asleep?

28 March 2018

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children. Nelson Mandela.


Author: Gooriara

An old Australian bloke... sharing a few thoughts.

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